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Load control

Advance planning and good organisational skills are essential for achieving an efficient aircraft turnaround. Our dispatchers, who are certified by ICAA, coordinate the entire aircraft turnaround, ensure they are loaded correctly and on-schedule.

  • Computer flight plans
  • Computerized load control
  • Crew lounge
  • Escort of passengers and crew
  • Flight plan filing
  • Liason with customs, immigration and security
  • Liason with bus companies, hotels and car rentals
  • Load planning and load sheets
  • Weather briefing
  • Contacts us for more information

We are connected to all major communication networks.
Air-to-ground communications on VHF frequency 131,775.

Slot information

Load control

For further information please contact Load Control:

Tel: +354 420 0709

Fax: +354 420 0717


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