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Front of House

From check-in to aircraft boarding, Airport Associates staff are on hand to ensure an on-time departure and to provide help and advise to your passengers.

  • Passenger check-in services using various DCS check-in systems
  • Arrival and departure services
  • Transfers and interlining
  • Dedicated passenger services with special assistance for unaccompanied minors
  • Lost and found services using SITA World tracer
  • Irregularity handling (Hotel accomodation, Meal vouchers, etc.)
  • Excess baggage collection
  • Liaision with bus companies, hotels and car rentals
  • Liason with immigration, customs and security
  • Contact us for more information
Front of House

For further information please contact Load Control:

Tel: +354 420 0709

Fax: +354 420 0717


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