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Ground Operation (GOC)

Advance planning and good organizational skills are essential for achieving an efficient aircraft turnaround. Our dispatchers, who are certified by ICAA, coordinate the entire aircraft turnaround, ensure they are loaded correctly and on-schedule.

  • Computer flight plans
  • Computerized load control
  • Crew lounge
  • Escort of passengers and crew
  • Flight plan filing
  • Liaison with customs, immigration and security
  • Liaison with bus companies, hotels and car
  • Load planning and load sheets
  • Weather briefing
  • Contacts us for more information
  • We are connected to all major communication
    Air-to-ground communications on VHF frequency


Ramp Service

Our objective is to provide our customers with safe, fast and efficient service at all times. Focusing on each costumer need and expectations. In order to meet these objectives, we operate modern, well maintained equipment and ensure that our staff has the highest level of training and experience.

  • Air starter and ground power units
  • Baggage handling
  • De-icing service
  • Catering handling
  • Lavatory service
  • Liaison with fuel suppliers
  • Push back & towing
  • Steps and airbridge service
  • Water service


Aircraft Cleaning / Security Service

Airport associates ensures that your aircraft is clean, secured and well-stocked with essential supplies for your passengers and crew members.

  • Turnaround cleaning
  • Long stop cleaning with more detailed cleaning (hour
  • Deep cleaning (deep interior cleaning, 6 hours)
  • Marking and securing lost and found items in the
  • Trash retrieval service
  • Security search and guarding of aircraft
  • Stock up of lavatory products and permits as needed


Cargo Service

Our Cargo terminal is the perfect facility for your freight and supplies. It includes a large cold storage, capable of storing bulk freight as well as containers and pallets. Handling of large cargo, dangerous goods, live animals, perishable freight and valuables is routine at Airport Associates.

  • Acceptance and delivery
  • Aircraft loading & unloading
  • Cargo documentation
  • Cold storage facilities for perishables
  • Customs EDI processing
  • DGR control & acceptance
  • Palletization, both build-up & breakdown
  • Warehouse handling

Back of House

For further information please contact Load Control:

Tel: +354 420 0709

Fax: +354 420 0717


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